management team

Andrey J. Szpynda – President and Chief Executive Officer

Andrey provides overall business leadership, with a specific focus on strategy and business development. His vast telecom experience, especially at Rogers Wireless during its earliest development stages, has prepared him to quickly identify specific client needs and develop these into business development and partnership opportunities.

Andrey has managed organizations for global enterprises such as Saint Gobain in EU and Switzerland and ExxonMobil in Ukraine. His solid executive management and board-level experience, both in corporate and individual start-up environments, enables him to deliver real value to Bee Networx individual customers and partners. He extends the company’s global reach through his international experience and his network of international contacts.

Srinivasan Keshav – Chief Technology Officer

S. Keshav brings to Bee Networx a wide range of academic and business experience. As CTO, he is the chief architect and visionary for Bee Networx, and is responsible for the strategic direction of our flagship product, LinkPro. Before joining Bee Networx, Keshav co-founded Ensim Corp., where he provided architectural guidance for all of Ensim’s products, building a world-class brand supported by 17 patents, of which he was an inventor or co-inventor of eleven. Ensim raised over $85 million in venture funding. S. Keshav is a Professor and Canada Research Chair in Tetherless Computing at the School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo, Canada and the Editor of ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review.