press release Oct 15, 2016


FileOnQ and Bee Networx Partnership 

TORONTO, CANADA October 152016 Bee Networx announced a technology and marketing partnership with FileOnQ. Bee Networx and FileOnQ, Seattle, WA have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to start joint marketing and sales collaboration in Canada and the United States. Bee Networx' proprietary and patented LinkPro technology is now intergarted with FileOnQ software suite to allow wireless transfer of video evidence from body worn, and in-car video cameras to the back-end servers.  The new solution delivers features and benefits not available from other Digital Evidence Management Solutions (DEMS).  Both parties agree to work closely together to define the best possible way to rapidly and cost-efficiently introduce the new solution to customers in North America.


CamOnQ product powered by Bee Networx LinkPro allows law enforcement officers to:

  • Download video securely to the patrol car computer in order to review, categorize, and document the video remotely before automatically transferring it in encrypted format to headquarters.
  • Save time since video ca downloaded from the car, rather than at the end of the day
  • Improve communications with the ability to send critical “Be on-the-Lookout” video, photo or other information from headquarters to all remote in-car computers.

About FileOnQ

FileOnQ is a developer of EvidenceOnQ, the ultimate solution for managing evidence from the crime scene to the courtroom.  This off-the-shelf product is user-configurable, as the customers design their screens and and make changes at any time.  The chain-of-custody and detailed audit trail assure highest integrity of your digital evidence.  For more information, please visit

About Bee Networx

Bee Networx is a system software company that is transforming mobile data communication with new technology for the management and transmission of bulk data, like video, to and from mobile devices. Our proprietary technology delivers seamless, cost-effective connectivity, unprecedented session persistence, and improved performance. For more information, please visit