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Bee Networx technology supercharges e-Forms and Digital Pen & Paper solutions and adds rich content functionality - Partnership with INKStreams Corp.

TORONTO, CANADA, June 3, 2011 - Bee Networx Inc. (“Bee Networx” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership agreement with INKStreams Corp. (“INKStreams”) of Toronto, Canada.

With this partnership, Bee Networx and INKStreams will combine their existing products to establishment an integrated turn-key solution for enterprise users. The combined solutions are based on Bee Networx’ LinkPro intelligent mobile data management software coupled with INKStreams’ handwritten e-forms for Tablet PC and digital pen and paper products.  The first demonstration of integrated solutions will be presented to wider audience between June 5 – 8, 2011, at the MISA 2011 (Municipal Information Systems Association) Annual Conference in Brampton, Ontario.


Andrey Szpynda, Bee Networx’ CEO noted that:

"This new relationship presents us with the opportunity to support INKStreams’ development of the next generation e-forms for Tablet PC and digital pen & paper solutions, which include LinkPro software, and which will provide customers with easy, accurate and fast field data capture and management capabilities.  We're very excited to be working with INKStreams to extend the implementation of our LinkPro technology. This is a good example of our products flexibility and its ability to accommodate varying enterprise user needs.  It shows how LinkPro may add intelligent mobile data management to our other partners’ solutions."

About Bee Networx

Bee Networx is a system software company that is transforming mobile data communication with new technology for the management and transmission of bulk data to and from mobile devices. Our proprietary technology delivers seamless, cost-effective connectivity, unprecedented session persistence, and improved performance. For more information, please visit

About INKStreams Corp.

INKStreams is an IT solutions company that specializes in applications that allow users to capture and convert written text into electronic data. This enables workflow automation and makes the job easier for mobile workers. INKStreams provides a complete range of mobile digital writing products that are user-friendly.  For more information, please visit