Intelligent support for your dynamic connectivity needs


Bee Networx flagship product - LinkPro - offers a new approach to data routing that permits control of mobile data costs, while increasing the quality of communication. Our solution allows organizations like yours to offload large data transfers from expensive 3G/4G networks, to essentially free WiFi networks, while managing battery life, and extending user experience, with increased speed, improved network coverage, and performance.

LinkPro lets you:
  • "Set and forget" mobile content delivery based on urgency, cost, and speed requirements
  • Truly benefit from your mobile device investment - always use the best connection available
  • Leverage WIFI, 3G/4G, or Wired to support dynamic connectivity needs automatically
  • No user participation required
  • Pre-determine preferred upload/delivery method, "go as deep as you need" to manage your mobile data - WIFI/free, 3G/real-time, or both


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